Welcome to Comeau & Co., a multi-faceted consultancy facilitating purposeful discovery.

Building on decades of leadership in global financial technology, our professional success-builders catalyze, reveal and maximize the strengths of individuals, teams and companies. We value outcome over process and guide our clients through the realms of limitless possibility toward the ultimate reward: impact.

What would you like to achieve? Let us take you there.

Best-in-class, professional coaching and training programs.

Merging decades of corporate and personal growth knowledge, development and experience into a number of licensed programs, we customize experiences that deliver unparalleled insight with:

  • Everyone Communicates, Few Connect – John Maxwell Leadership Programs
  • Unlock Team Talent, Strengths-based Team Culture – Clifton Strengthsfinder
  • Another Seat at the Table, Diversity and Inclusion – Empowered Living
  • Intercultural Etiquette and Protocol – The Protocol School of Washington

Inspired by a passion to add value, Comeau & Co. ignites within each individual and organization the realization that they can be all they were created to be! Let Jeanne Comeau, our Founder and Strategist, guide you towards meaningful transformation.

Jeanne Comeau | STRATEGIST

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